In 2018, Artpark undertook an initiative

In 2018, Artpark undertook an initiative that gave the spotlight to our Western New York community in a musical theatre production of THE ODYSSEY. This groundbreaking community collaboration involved over 200 participants including theatre professionals, volunteers and community organizations. Broadway stars joined community actors, students and volunteers. Supporters graciously donated food, rehearsal space and monetary contributions. Months of workshops, rehearsals and artistic collaboration came to a triumphant presentation at Artpark's Mainstage Theater on August 4 and 5, 2018.

HEADER PHOTO: THE ODYSSEY Musical Theater Production & Community Collaboration; Written by Homer, Conceived & Directed by Lear Debessonet; Book, Music & Lyrics by Todd Almond; Directed by ROGER DANFORTH; Featuring: Terence Archie; Courtney Balan; Christopher Guilmet & Gregg Goldston; dress rehearsal photographed: Saturday August 4, 2018 at Artpark Mainstage Theater; Lewiston, NY Photograph by RICHARD TERMINE © 2018 RICHARD TERMINE

"Artpark's production of "The Odyssey"... delievered... Broadway professionals... grand props... a giant monster, [and] members of the community joining together..."

Niagara Frontier Publications, Joshua Maloni

"... massive mix of professional talent and amateur enthusiasm come[s] together in such a rewarding show."

The Buffalo News, Melinda Miller

"Everyone at Artpark deserves a standing ovation for producing an incredible event. I have never seen a show so diversified and inclusive. You could tell all on stage were so proud to be performing and felt the love from the audience. If only our world could learn from what was represented on your stage. I am so happy I attended. Your presentation will forever be a cherished memory!"

Karen Konecko, audience member

Our Story

Beginning with local auditions and performance workshops
at community partner locations:

People Inc.


Buffalo Public School Adult Education Division

Lewiston Fire Company No. 1

Iroquois Indian Marching Band

The Slyboots School of
Music, Art and Dance

Mount Erie Baptist Church Choir

Random Ninjaz


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Hear From Students

Children of The Odyssey

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“This show was so touching and gave a message of coming home and inclusivity! Thanks to everyone, it was truly heartwarming!”

Sheri, audience member

“It was a wonderful show!! To see so many people from the community was heartwarming. Congratulations to everyone!”

Tina Auman Bidwell

The Odyssey

Written by: Homer
Conceived and Directed by: Lear Debessonet
Book, Music, and Lyrics by: Todd Almond

Terence Archie*


Apollo Creed in Broadway’s Rocky

The Odyssey, Seattle Rep

Courtney Balan*


Broadway’s Falsettos, Finding Neverland

Christopher Guilmet*

The Singer

Duke in Man of La Mancha, Reprise! Theatre in Los Angeles

Gregg Goldston


"His ability and vision have expanded the art of mime."
-- Marcel Marceau



The Odyssey Team

Directed by

Roger Danforth


Jon Lehrer

Music Director

Patrick Towey

Set & Projections Design

Tatyana Wilds

Costume Designer

Bret Runyon

Lighting Design

Dyan Burlingame

Sound Design

Eric Burlingame

Puppet Design

Adam Kreutinger

Director of Production

Susan Stimson

Associate Directors

Paschal Frisina III,
Carin Jean White,
katie lupica

Associate Choreographer

Toni Dentico

Casting by

Stephanie Klapper Casting,
Kate LoConti


Originally commissioned and produced by The Public Theatre
Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director
Patrick Willingham, Executive Director
Originally commissioned and developed by The Old Globe, San Diego, California
Louis G. Spisto, Executive Producer

Directed by Roger Danforth
at Artpark Mainstage Theater


Anne-Louise Anstey • Terence Archie • Amelia Arguelles • Tina Baily • Courtney Balan • Joshua Baxter • Courtney Beals • Maun Behzad • Daniel Joseph Bellina • Arianna Billings • Alexandria Biondo • Mary Bliss • Annabella Bogart • Bernice Bones • Eric Borketey Ansuade • Bobby Bradly • Griffin Brady • Ringo Brill • Michael Broderick • Janice L. Brown • Pearl Bruno • Zoe Buck • Dyan Burlingame • Eric Burlingame • Beau Calato • Patricia Calback • Karon Cavalleri • Dan Cecere • Brandon Ciccone • Sonia Clark • Alison Cleary • Ella Colbus • Terry Collesano • Tamara Colvin • William Conroy • Mike Crymes • Morgan Cudney • Britini D’Angelo • Darin Dawson • Francine DelMonte • Toni Dentico • Mohamed Diaby • Michele Dier • Sarah Dolan • Kaitlyn Dulski • Tim Dyet • Allison Failing • Mia Fasanello • Robin Faulring • Caitlin Fox • Dave Fox • Gabriel Frisina • Liliana Frisina • Paschal Frisina III • Mark Gardner • Finn Gardner-Puschak • Addie Garvey • Maeve Garvey • Abey Gavadin • Jeannine Giffear • Kristin Gilmet • Jennifer Giolando • Kendalynn Goeddarz • Peter Gold • Gregg Goldston • Jeremy Granger • Joe Greenan • Mary Alice Groat • Christopher Guilmet • Bernice Hague • Cee Cee Hague • Richard Hague • Jake Hayes • Derrick Haynes • Maria Hays • James Heffron • Clare Heron • Ronald. D. Hicks • Keelin Higgins • Danelle Hillman • Robert D. Hillman • David Hobba • Sean Johnson • Jessica Joncsyk • Athalie Joy • Jacob Jurewicz • Sabrina Kahwaty • Bethany Kasperek • Maureen Kellick • Brett Klaczyk • Stephanie Klapper • Adam Kreutinger • Danny Laster • Nicole Laster • Daryl Laster Sr. • Dale Lawrence • Jon Lehrer • Sydney Leszczack • Melissa Levin • Jame Levy Jr. • Taylor Lewandowski • Gabriel Lichte • Jessica Linderman • Elizabeth Lopez • Kennedy Lucinski • Germain Ludwig • Katie Lupica • MacKenzie Lynch • Richard Manuel • Sandy Maselen • Connie Matthews • Jackie McGrath • Charles McGregor • Andrew McLaughlin • Justin McMullen • Marsha McWilson • Ozng Yz (Daisy) Meng • Elaine Meranto • Jon Mercado • Mariangela Mercurio • Mike Merrell • Gay Meyers • Angelina Milkie • Jessie Miller • Katie Miller • Tanner Miller • Dorothy Mouve • Becky Napoleon • Melissa Niemiec • Caitlin O’Neil • Nancy Osborne • Alec Otmecki • John Palesh III • Norma Passino • Tommy Passino • Julia Penchaszadeh-Robert • Glonda Perez • Sydnie Perkins • Maya Pliss • Laurie Podsiadly • Liam Post • Barbara Pressley • Fred Pytlak • Declan Rapp • Kathy Recchione • Gregg Renford • Tanya Renford • Gabrielle Rich • Paulette Rinrer • Clinsel Rivera • Colette Rosier • Lesley Rudin • Bret Runyon • Anthony Salvo • Esme Schaus • Adriana Scheidle • Sofia Scribner • Jason Smith • Cleveland Spencer • Terry Spencer • Colin Sperrazza • John Stamm-Philipps • Cammie Stamp • Christian Steib • Jack Stillman • Susan Stimson • Kayla Storto • Christian Streb • Madison Sullivan • Randy Sykes • Primo Thomas • Jared Tinkham • Megan Tinney • Brendan Tom • LayLay Too • Patrick Towey • Chelsea VanBuren • Peter Vasko • Elijah Vazquez • Carrie Veltri • Mariska Villnave • Kim Vincent • Kaitlyn Virgilio • Keller Vogelsang • Phil Wackerfuss • Jordan Walker • Roy Walker • Marshuan Walton • Dave Wedekindt • Stephen Weisenburger • Carin Jean White • Tatyana Wilds • Lynne Williams • Diane Willmott • Nick Winger • Tanis Winslow • Anthony Woods • Jack Wrobel • Tim Wrobel • David Wysocki • Anna Zakarian • Steven Zehler • Nicole Zvorsky

Community Partners

Based on the model built by New York City’s prestigious The Public Theater, this program and production are truly theatre of, by, and for the people, celebrating the diversity of our region in a spirit of collaboration and inclusion.

Artpark Theatre Academy was co-directed by Paschal Frisina III and Toni Dentico. A 4-week intensive for ages 10-18, which explored workshops in all aspects of musical theatre culminated in 2 performances of Artpark's The Odyssey!

We were so pleased to share the stage with our community partners!

Thank you to all participants.

Participant Testimonials

Special thanks to Veterans One-stop Center of WNY for participating in our workshops:

Artpark Volunteer Corps

Francine Delmonte, Coordinator

Lewiston Fire Company no. 1

Iroquois Indian Band

The Slyboots School of
Music, Art and Dance

Mount Erie Baptist Church Choir

Random Ninjaz



With special thanks to: St. Paul's Episcopal Church

The Odyssey was presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), 1180 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 640, New York, NY 10036 (866) 378-9758