parking lot mural project 2020


Once the world is ready for public gatherings and our park reopens its artistic programs, we hope to offer our community and Artists an opportunity to celebrate again. Imagine that Artpark’s lower parking lot is transformed into an expansive canvas of colorful playfulness that expresses universal connections of shared humanity. This expression will take form in a mural of painted areas on the parking lot surface.

At this time, Artpark is seeking a Lead Artist to execute a cohesive theme-based design derived from collaboratively working with Artpark Bridges participants, with the timeframe to be confirmed in tune with current events. Once open back to their regular operations, our community partners will support this endeavor with hands-on art production assistance. Eventually, all participating artists will gather in a celebratory event of dance and music at the project site at the culmination of the project. Target date TBD, at this time: August or September 2020.

As the 2020 capstone project of the Artpark Bridges program, Artpark Bridges participants will generously and courageously extend their intrepid spirit through this outward-reaching venture. Under the direction of the Lead Artist, this collaborative art project will showcase the beauty of our community.


Parking lot image: © David Seide/


Artpark Bridges is a year-round community engagement program dedicated to providing people of diverse backgrounds and abilities with empowerment, integration, healing and creative expression tools through drama, dance, visual art, music and interactive initiatives. Participants come from community organizations throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region. People Inc., Western New York's leading non-profit human services agency, is a key partner on this project. Click here for more information on Artpark Bridges


The deadline for proposals is May 4 and the Lead Artist contract will be awarded on May 25. Project development and workshops will be conducted throughout the summer, with parking lot painting in July and August. A final celebration will be held at a date to be determined.