parking lot mural project 2020


Imagine that Artpark’s lower parking lot is transformed into an expansive canvas of colorful playfulness that expresses universal connections of our shared humanity. This expression will take form in a mural of painted areas on the parking lot surface.

A jury has selected Rob Lynch & Matt SaGurney (The Solo Roths) as Lead Artists on Artpark’s Parking Lot Mural Project. The Artists will collaborate with Artpark Bridges Community Outreach Program partners.

As the 2020 capstone project of the Artpark Bridges program, Artpark Bridges participants will generously and courageously extend their intrepid spirit through this outward-reaching venture.


Project development and workshops with organizations like People Inc., Artisan’s Edge and Parkinson’s Community will be conducted throughout the summer, with parking lot painting currently slated to take place over the course of late June through August.  

Eventually, all participating artists will gather in a celebratory event of dance and music at the project site at the culmination of the project. Target date TBD, at this time: August or September.


Parking lot image: © David Seide/


This project is supported by

Joe & Pam Priest
Marla & Jeff Williams



About Artpark Bridges

Artpark Bridges is a year-round community engagement program dedicated to providing people of diverse backgrounds and abilities with empowerment, integration, healing and creative expression tools through drama, dance, visual art, music and interactive initiatives. Participants come from community organizations throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region. People Inc., Western New York's leading non-profit human services agency, is a key partner on this project. Click here for more information on Artpark Bridges


About the Artists

Robert Lynch and Matthew SaGurney (The Solo Roths) have been collaborating on artworks since their Buffalo State years in the mid to late 90's. They share an interest in the absurd and the ridiculous nature of our contemporary society. It's always been a game for them to make each other laugh at their artwork. They challenge each other to shine a light on the foolish treasures around us, to pay close attention to the smallest details of our experiences, and to expose the ludicrous at every chance. 

Video links:

The Solo Roths mural at Crowley Webb

Solo Roths live painting at Music is Art