gene davis "niagara 1979" re-installation


In 2017, Artpark launched a Kickstarter campaign that hailed the support of 145 community backers to re-install the painted parking lot artwork titled “Niagara 1979” by Gene Davis. 

The work has ben installed in it’s original location, parking lot C, which is adjacent to the Mainstage Theater at the base of the red brick road. 

The piece is made up of 60, two-foot wide by 364-foot long lines will be rolled in nine different colors. The original artwork required 450 gallons of paint, seven miles of masking tape, the help of eight interns and an artist assistant (Clarence Wood).  In the summer of 1979, the artwork of over 43,000 square feet was the world’s largest painting and thousands came out to experience it.




Artpark gives special thanks to Michael Broderick and Robin Faulring of Orange Cat Coffee Co. in Lewiston for their dedication to the campaign, Sherwin-Williams for securing paint and materials, Accent Stripe, the Patricia H. and Richard E. Garman Art Conservation Department at Buffalo State College for their assistance with color matching, and to The Smithsonian American Art Museum (who holds the Gene Davis estate) for their permission to re-install the piece.

Dr Anthony Bannon, Executive Director of Burchfield Penney Art Center said of the work, "How wonderful that...Artpark repeating in the spirit of Gene Davis says we're going to try the impossible, we're going to build this again....It's outrageous, it's impossible, but I think we can make it, and make the impossible something that we recognize, and champion, and want to stand behind."


Gene Davis Community Backers 

Thanks, friends! Here's a virtual high five!

Thomas Donahower
Roger Faulring
Cathy Federspiel
James Fittante
Danial Montante
Rachel Ryding
Jeff Streb
Michael Vitch
Elva Winslow


Dena Armstrong
Allison Armusewicz
Joanne Bauer
Fred Blue
Ashley Chassar
Kari Falkenborg
Madison Heath
Joyce Hwang
Sarah Lane
Alison Lytle
Nancy Malecki
Terry McFarland
Ralph and Lauren DeVantier
David Seide
Christopher Sweet
Unicycle Productions LLC


Krista Barnette
Joan M. Bukowski
John Camp
Katie Cauley
Thom Foolery 
Cheri Frank
Derek Gallucci
Marlene Heuer
Kate Koperski
K. Kren 
Jo Merino
Glynis Mieth
Elizabeth Miller
Evinn Neadow
Katie Peek
David Polato
Anna Scime
Karen M. Sirgey
Lynn Spearin 
Alicia Steinkirchner
Kevin Szlis
Laura Wildman 
Rebecca Wydysh


Katie Africano
Ed Barauskas
Erica L. Black 
Cynthia Bojak
Laura Cali
Matthew Christensen
Stephanie Cook
Lindsay DeDario
Janelle DeGregorio
Stephanie Dosiek
Erica Fausette
Lisa Fleck 
Kate Hacker
Cindy Holka 
Joyce M. Jezewski
Kathleen Julian 
Deanna Leonard
Lauren Makeyenko
Meg Meg
Virginia E. Melnyk
Christopher T. Morrow
Patrick Murphy
Kristen Nobles 
Joseph Novak
Kathleen O'Brien
Lisa Ohanessian Mies
Nicole Pane
Mads V. Pedersen 
Kimberly Scott
Gayle Fraas-Duncan Slade
Donald Stefanski
Jocelyn Swick-Jemison
Edward Van Tassell



Val Booth
Myles Pena
Albeliza Perez
Heather Sloma 
Kim Wong