Public art is art that is created in public spaces that is a reflection of how an artist sees the world. It is the artist's response to our time and place combined with their own sense of who we are. Public art is meant to be free and accessible, inviting people to engage in the place in a new way.

An art installation is an artwork that is installed or placed in a particular place. If it is site-specific, that means that it was designed for a particular space.

Jesse Walp's artwork, Emerald Grove, is a site-specific public art installation that is meant to encourage awareness of the landscape as well as the natural elements involved in forming it, and at the same time to create a place that invites wonder and exploration. In designing Emerald Grove, the artist was tasked with the challenge of creating a playground or play space that would invite people to engage in play without using typical playground equipment, like swings and slides.If you were an artist designing a play space in this location, how might you design it?

Download the attached file and print or upload to a tablet and draw your ideas into the environment. Feel free to add color and text. Snap a photo of your designs, post it and tag us in your post. We would love to see what you imagine.