Position: Global Visual Arts Curator

Location: Artpark, Lewiston, New York / worldwide

Artpark & Company is seeking a Global and a Regional curator to work in partnership on the selection, management and support of artists’ projects integral to the newly established Visual and Public Arts strategy. Both curators will have extensive bandwidth for artistic, funding and marketing capacities.

The Global Curator will be responsible for the discovery of the art outside of the commonly held boundaries of expression, maintaining the global reputation of Artpark as a state for cultural innovation.

The three-year Artpark Visual & Public Arts Plan focuses on the following programmatic agenda: Laboratory, Interaction, Restoration and Wayfinding.  Through the development of these programs, we will grow an Artpark that is:

  • a place where arts and a clean environment are accessible to all.

  • a generative laboratory where issues affecting modern society and the environment are made tangible through artistic investigation and expression.

  • an institution promoting joy of human expression, cultural democracy, equity, and inclusion at every level.

Artpark’s renewed artistic strategy holds that artists ignite the imagination to inspire a new vision for a sustainable future. This program supports artist-led multi-disciplined teams creating works both temporary and long-lasting, which:

 -  Reveal the unique environmental assets of the region, drawing visitors through the Niagara Gorge corridor of the New York State Parks;
- Participate in the region’s natural, cultural, and social traditions notably the Haudenosaunee, and other rural and urban populations;
- Foster connection among natural, geological, social, industrial, and technological cultures with Artpark’s unique ecology; an important commitment of our time is to meet the world’s pressing environmental and social  challenges. Within the Artpark Laboratory artists and their audiences reimagine life going forward in ways that will make communities more resilient and sustainable.

Through these programs Artpark will promote a deeper understanding of history and the  natural systems and human infrastructures that support contemporary life.  The program expands the region’s profile as an unparalleled destination to experience natural beauty of the Niagara region.

The Global Curator position is designed so that it can be managed remotely from any country, with approximately 3-4 annual visits to Lewiston, NY. Our intention is to attract a curator of national or international caliber who is seeking an exciting curatorial opportunity and who does not wish to relocate. 

This position is being created as one member of a three-person team exercising a collective leadership structure. The Regional curator will partner with a Global Curator on program execution, and the Director of Development and Fundraising. Both curators will have the opportunity to coordinate with the Indigenous Arts Producer on events that include contemporary and indigenous art. Both curators will report to the President of Artpark on overall strategy and major developments. This staff structure was developed as a part of the 2020 Artpark Visual Arts Master Plan as a key strategy to reignite Artpark’s visual art legacy. Additionally, Artpark launched Power Artpark 2030 in 2020, a comprehensive master plan for the site and facilities that will guide the future evolution of the organization.



Global Curator Position Description

  • The collective leadership of Artpark President, Global and Regional curators shape not only the existing artistic vision, but also consider long-term strategy and tactics for future artistic projects that will continue to foreground the role of art in society. 

  • The Global Curator is respected for his/her contributions to the discussion and understanding of contemporary culture. 

  • He/she is externally motivated, brings new ideas, new artists, and new partners to the organization to help expand our work, mission, and vision.

  • The Global Curator will curate visual arts projects that build on the successful history of the organization. 

  • The Global Curator is knowledgeable and passionate about contemporary art practices and is engaged with a broad knowledge about the larger cultural sphere. 

  • The Global Curator has extensive experience working with artists. He/she is committed to best practices to ensure quality and impact of programming. 

  • The Global Curator works closely with the Regional Curator and the VP of Fundrasing and Development to expand Artpark’s existing funding sources, plan, fund, market, and realize artist’s projects. 

  • The Global Curator sees fundraising and marketing as serious responsibilities, helping to provide competitive and compelling language and information for fundraising and marketing teams.

  • Global Curator reports directly to Artpark’s President.

Compensation and Benefits: 

This position is available on both free-lance and employment basis, subject to candidate’s location and working preference.



  • At least ten years of curatorial experience in multiple organizations known for innovation and creativity is required. Master’s Degree preferred. 

  • Proven track record in curating, realizing and funding major public art projects

  • Deep involvement with the creative industries and a network to the contemporary artist community is needed. 

  • Exemplary speaking, writing, and public presentation skills are required. 

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Self-starter with ability to work independently, entrepreneurially, and remotely, functioning effectively within a team. 

  • While working remotely, candidate must be able to commit to a full time-equivalent work load / availability and regular travel with a minimum of 24 days on site over the 12 month period.

  • Personal and professional commitment to Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion in the arts.

  • Proficient in office and remote communication software, project management and data storage systems.

How to Apply: 

Interested and qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter detailing your interest, relevant background, and skills, three references, and a current portfolio of work. In your cover letter, describe your approach to working remotely and working as a part of a team. Applications will be reviewed as received, and the position will remain open until a candidate is hired.

Please email to: [email protected] with the subject line: Visual Arts Curator Position 


Artpark is an equal-opportunity employer.