Educational and interactive activities Saturdays this summer at the Native American Peace Garden and  Artpark Amphitheater

July 2 - August 27, 2022, from 11AM-4PM


Summer is for families at Artpark, where afternoons are filled with creative hands-on discovery (arts and crafts, stories, and workshops) and live performances for all ages. Did we mention that it's all FREE?!! 


This year, we're expanding on our Indigenous Ways of Knowing series which features interactive land base workshops, storytelling, and teachings from 11AM- 1PM at the Native American Peace Garden. Then from 12 - 4PM we'll have pottery, art-making, and performances in the Artpark Amphitheater. Engage in educational fun activities for all ages; Treaty teachings & Wampum bracelets workshops, Haudenosaunee dance performance, Corn Husk Doll workshop so much more! 


Please note: There is no Free Family Saturday on July 9 when we'll hold our annual Fairy House Festival and on August 20 when Plasticiens Volants will perform! 

July 2: Details to be announced
Arts and crafts activities will be held under the awnings in the Amphitheater from 12-4PM.. 


July 16: The Art of Puppetry

Workshops under the Amphitheater awnings: 12-4PM

Big hands, marionettes, easy movers, hand puppets, pottery and free paint


Performance: Squonk Opera at 2 and 4PM

Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, Pittsburgh’s Squonk Opera is an original progressive rock group that defies categorization. Their new production "Hand to Hand" features ‘The Squonkers’ as they manipulate enormous puppet hands to tell a spectacular and comic story. In this rock opera melee, giant thumbs detach to become truly opposable and challenge each other with guitars. Featuring original chamber rock music and an opportunity for audience members to come together, Hand to Hand encourages shared discovery and making a community of the imagination. Click here for more info on this performance!


July 23: The Art of Dinosaurs

Native American Peace Garden - Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Traditional Haudenosaunee Storytelling and Lacrosse workshop
Perry Ground will share the story of the Creator’s Game - Lacrosse.  Participants will learn about the different traditional uses of the games to Native people and some basic Lacrosse skills.  with a very energetic, fun, engaging style and makes the audience part of the story experience.  

Workshops under the Amphitheater awnings 12-4PM:
Flying Pterodactyl, Chomping T-Rex, Dinosaur Eggs, Dino-hat
Pottery: 12-4PM
Free Paint: 12-4PM

Performance: NURT at 1 and 3PM

July 30: The Art of Balance

Native American Peace Garden - Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Acoustic Storytelling with Tonemah

Award-winning Tuscarora singer-songwriter Tonehmah will share Native stories from his experiences and the relationships he has made along his journey. His organic storytelling style has become his trademark. Tonemah's life experiences of growing up on, and off reservations coupled with his professional undertakings have given him a truly unique perspective that he brings to his songwriting and stories.


Workshops under the Amphitheater awnings 12-4PM:


Balancing bird, toy trapeze, positive/negative composition, record mandala, pottery, and free paint



Performance:  Cirque Barcode & Acting for Climate will perform Branché in the Emerald Grove at 2PM

Audiences were blown away by their performance during our Power of Niagara event last year! Branche: an acrobatic celebration of nature that also reflects the challenges humanity faces with the climate crisis. Branché is a collaboration between Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate Montreal. It is a show to address the climate crisis, created in a way as to have minimal impact during creation and while touring. Designed to be played in parks or forests and centered on group acrobatics, Branché is a celebration of the strength of community and our relationships to each other and to nature. It is a show to get people outside and inspire them as to what is possible if we work together.


August  6: The Art of Wind

Workshops under the awnings 12-4PM:

Wind warriors, Pan flute, whimsical windsock, hot air balloons, pottery and free Paint


Performance: WindSync: Peter and the Wolf at 1PM & 3PM

Members of Houston-based wind quintet WindSync will perform "Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofiev. In addition to telling a story through music, the group will educate students about the instruments they use and other elements of their performance. WindSync will also perform a more 'serious' program on Sunday, August 7th as part of our New Music In The Park series.


August 13: The Art of Food
Workshops under the Amphitheater awnings 12-4PM:

Vegetable prints, fruit felt coasters, plush produce, strawberry container, pottery and free paint

Performance: Farm Art Collective's “The Scientists” 3PM

Arts and crafts activities will be held under the awnings from 12-4PM.


Questions: email us at [email protected]