Event Details

Saturday, August 13th, 2022
|  12:00pm - 4:00pm

Free Family Saturdays: The Art of Food with Farm Arts Collective

Summer is for families at Artpark, where afternoons are filled with creative hands-on discovery (arts and crafts, stories, and workshops) and live performances for all ages. Did we mention that it's all FREE?!!


Workshops under the Amphitheater awnings 12-4PM:

Vegetable prints, fruit felt coasters, plush produce, strawberry container, pottery and free paint

Performance: Farm Art Collective's “The Scientists” 3PM


The performance follows the journey of two scientists, Carl Sagan and Lynn Margulis --deceased American scientists who were, at one time married. Jess Beveridge as microbiologist Lynn Margulis and Hudson Williams-Eynon as astronomer Carl Sagan are reunited in a boxing ring by a ringmaster referee played by Tannis Kowalchuk. The scientists compete in a sport that challenges them to “help save life on the planet.”


The adventure follows the two scientists who are tasked to embark on a competitive fact-finding journey. The microbiologist, Lynn Margulis meets a microbe on the farm’s compost pile; a funghi on a decomposing log; and a corn escaping the monoculture of an industrial farm. On the other macrocosmic side, the astronomer Carl Sagan meets the Atmosphere, a beatnik in a greenhouse smoking a hookah; the Hydrosphere, a dancing stilt walker kicking up a storm; and Sonny, a man designing a way to escape planet earth, like a billionaire space explorer (except he is not a billionaire). The performance, was filled with original music played live by musicians and composed by ensemble composers Doug Rogers and Rima Fand draws on themes that explore the world through two lenses or looking glasses-- the microscope and the telescope. The competition concludes with the scientists presenting their findings to the audience in a climatic dance of ecology, and the results deliver a climate change message that is urgent and poignant.