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Thursday, June 14th, 2018
|  6:00pm - 8:00pm

Artist Talk & Reception: Brian Nacov

Brian Nacov

Exhibit dates: May 30-June 27

Artist Talk and Reception:  June 14 6-8pm


Brian Nacov uses painting as a medium to assemble fragmented landscapes, untethered from solid ground. Through terraforming floating masses of stone, earth, and vegetation, devoid of human figuration, he invites the viewer to explore territories with ambiguous histories and purposes. Included within these constructed realms are temples erected to forces both natural and sublime, utopic meadows, improbable geologic formations, and features inspired by and derived from game spaces. At times these monolithic entities take on their own personality, conveying power, weakness, or mysterious purpose. His work attempts to bridge the gap between descriptive illustration of landscape, referencing both real and virtual places and states of mind, and a traditional emphasis on illusionistic, pictorial space. What results is a style that conveys romanticized science fiction and fantasy pseudo-narratives – with a dash of transcendental mysticism – allowing viewers a nostalgic experience or the chance to build their own story, exploring a painting as they would a game.



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