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Dear Friend of Artpark,

Artpark is a special place where your investment in the arts makes an enormous impact in our community and throughout the region. It is a place that inspires, entertains, heals and creates formative life long memories.  

What makes Artpark unique is its multi-faceted nature, no matter where you come from, there is a place or a program here for you. To some Artpark is a concert venue that offers affordable world-class music concerts with majestic views; to others Artpark is a place of formative childhood memories; many appreciate Artpark for its natural beauty and a perfect site for yoga, meditation, hiking and fishing; and to a new generation of “Artparkers” it represents the whole cornucopia of art forms and unique experiences from years past and present.  In every case, Artpark remains Your park, only possible with your participation.

Did you know that New York State funding provides only four percent of Artpark’s programming budget? A substantial part of free and diverse international programs you saw last season were made possible through contributions from patrons like you. This year marked an extraordinary time for Artpark where the enhanced diversity of our offerings was accompanied by doubled support from grants and individuals. Over one hundred forty events were presented over the course of only three months, seventy-two of which were free to the public and the rest presented at affordable pricing for all.

Your support will ensure Artpark continues to present more diverse, unique and affordable programs of the highest artistic quality on a global scale. Concerts, interactive installations, residencies, workshops, theater shows, family and youth programs among them.  Together we will present some of the most progressive artists from around the world and provide them with opportunities to take the risks necessary to push the creative progress.  We aim to delight, entertain, educate and inspire visitors of all ages and backgrounds, emphasizing public participation in the process. All of these objectives will strengthen our community, culture and economy.

Please consider making a year-end contribution today so that we may continue to plan for another season of diverse and ambitious programming for 2019.

Together we will enrich the lives of all visitors, and ensure that Artpark is your park.


With kind regards,

Sonia Clark
Executive Director




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To reach Carrie Veltri, Director of Development, please call (716) 754-2017.

*All contributions made to Artpark & Company are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.