Artpark Art Gallery


2017 Exhibits


June 1 - 27 

Artpark Theater Terrace


Matters of Growth and Decay 
Suzie Molnar Goad

Artist Talk & Reception: June 15 6pm-8pm

Through a series of works on papers and sculptural ceramic pieces, Suzie Molnar Goad examines the instinctual connection to the cycle of life in nature through the artist’s personal encounters with mental decay, and with the growth that struggles to be born from that. Though this work is an intimate portrait of individual experiences, the concepts within them are basic and universal. Heartbreak and loss, fear and anxiety, birth and love; these are mental struggles that challenge us to give up and die, or to find growth in our burdens and pain.

July 1 - 31 

Artpark Outdoor Amphitheater


Treasure: an Exhibit of Artworks Created from Discarded Materials
Ani Hoover

Artist Talk and Reception: July 20 6pm-8pm

Ani Hoover's recent work features works made from discarded, trashed or thrifted materials.  By starting with simple, unwanted or even ugly materials she weaves, cuts and assembles trash to treasure.  When Ani first started to work with discarded materials she did so because it was available and free but as she has continued to work with these materials (upcycled plastic, bike tires, used textiles) it has lead her to begin to think of materials in a more global way.  It’s part of on an ongoing commitment to using less, buying less and creating more.

August 4 - 31 

Artpark Picnic Shelter


The Trees are Made of Rain: Paintings 2015-2017
Joseph Manuse

Artist Talk and Reception: August 17 6pm-8pm

Intriguing ideas of tone and key rise through the unpredictable color combinations that ribbon out of the paintings’ sweet spots and into the viewer’s space.A few, select moves of the masters of time and color and placement in the broader idea of composition converge, and Manuse shares his beautiful vault of painterly abstraction with whimsy, communicating joyfulness and the conundrums of this present world. A kind of gentle awkwardness in the elemental forms finding their place makes one stop and look more closely at the vibrant forms offered by the artist.




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