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The Gallery is currently closed for the season. Stay tuned for our 2019 schedule of exhibits, artist talks, and events! 


2018 Exhibits


Brian Nacov
Exhibit: May 30-June 27, 2018


Brian Nacov uses painting as a medium to assemble fragmented landscapes, untethered from solid ground. Through terraforming floating masses of stone, earth, and vegetation, devoid of human figuration, he invites the viewer to explore territories with ambiguous histories and purposes. Included within these constructed realms are temples erected to forces both natural and sublime, utopic meadows, improbable geologic formations, and features inspired by and derived from game spaces. At times these monolithic entities take on their own personality, conveying power, weakness, or mysterious purpose. His work attempts to bridge the gap between descriptive illustration of landscape, referencing both real and virtual places and states of mind, and a traditional emphasis on illusionistic, pictorial space. What results is a style that conveys romanticized science fiction and fantasy pseudo-narratives – with a dash of transcendental mysticism – allowing viewers a nostalgic experience or the chance to build their own story, exploring a painting as they would a game.



Recent Fictions
Julian Montague
Exhibit: July 3-July 30, 2018


Recent Fictions is an exhibition that centers on Montague’s conceptual faux books, posters and other ephemera. This approach to art making has been part of his practice for the last several years. Much of the material in the exhibit is related to a fictional 1970s art institution called “The Thorold Gallery.” The posters depict a wide range of artists, artwork, exhibitions, and performances, all invented by Montague. The pieces invite the viewer to imagine exhibitions, happenings, and entire bodies of work into being. Aesthetically, this body of work draws on the visual conventions of mid-century European graphic design. The conceptual frame of the fictional gallery creates a space in which Montague can experiment with a wide range of ideas and modes of art making that would normally be difficult to fit into one body of work.



NC Miller
Extended Exhibit Dates: August 3-September 29, 2018

In my artist practice I create timeless works that challenge our notions of perceptual reality. Simultaneously, each work highlights and enhances the architectural boundaries of their surface.  From gallery sized works to large-scale exterior murals I constantly push these perceived boundaries with unexpected color choices and dynamic geometric forms that appear to continue forever. Through this visual language I manifest a feeling of the infinitesimal possibilities of time and space. These objects in turn become embodiments of my character, personal reliquaries that document my own existential view of reality.





Artpark Gallery Hours (June-August)
Summer Tuesdays & Saturdays Noon-4pm and during Mainstage Theater events.

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The Gallery is located on the Mainstage Theater Terrace across from the Box Office. 


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