warp (Working artist residency program)


2016 WARP Artist

Artpark, selected MFA student, Julian Majewski, from Ontario College of Art and Design to complete a three-week working artist residency. The Working Artist Residency Program (WARP) ran June 6-June 27, 2016, and Julian created the work titled "#TeeterTotter" which became a permanent piece of Artpark's Percussion Garden.


Artists in the WARP program live in the community and craft their art experience on the Artpark grounds. Artpark encourages visitors and art classes to watch the artists as they create or view the installations once they are complete. 

Julian Michael Majewski

A very unique teeter-totter largely constructed out of recycled, repurposed, and scavenged materials. The piece was made to belong within the public space for people to use and interact with. In respect to viral culture and social networking, social indicators are provided in an attempt to direct the flow of images videos etc of those who interact with the piece.  

OCAD University's graduate, Julian's work largely employs the use of prolonged interactions with an object that I have created, further transforming it and facilitating an adaption towards a new use. The common thread in my work is my own material investigation and experimentation. The aim is for a piece to have the appearance of functionality, made with raw materials; further becoming isolated as a product of fine art through its transformation and the association with artistic intervention. In that manner, my work could be viewed as creative visuals that depict contemporary inquiries. http://www.arthappens.ca/teetertotter-2013.html




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