Venue Guide


Permitted Carry In Items


Please note that all carry-in items are subject to security inspection at any time!

  • Small Blankets (Limited size to 2ft x 4ft)
  • Small Strollers
  • Binoculars
  • Small Purses (12" x 6" x 12" or smaller)
  • Small Lawn Chairs Removed from Bag (One per person)
  • Umbrellas/Ponchos

Prohibited Items

  • Food and drink
  • Ice
  • Coolers
  • Animals/Pets
  • Backpacks/Duffle Bags/Large Purses
  • Cameras
  • Video and recording equipment
  • Laser Pens
  • Bikes/Rollerblades/Skateboards
  • Illegal substances
  • Glass of any kind
  • Weapons,Knives, Fireworks
  • Grills or cooking equipment
  • Any item deemed dangerous or inappropriate




Will Call


Lower Will Call (South 4th Street Entrance) is located in the Artpark Box Office at the Mainstage Theater entrance gate.

Location Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am - 4pm, Concert nights until 9pm.


Upper Will Call (Portage Road Entrance) is located in the Information Center next to the Amphitheater entrance gate.

Location Hours: 4pm - 9pm on Amphitheater concert days only.



Tickets are available online at or , and can be purchased over the phone with any major credit
card by calling the Artpark Box Office at 716-754-4375 or 1-888-223-6000. To purchase tickets in person, please visit the Artpark Box Office, 450 South 4th Street located at the Mainstage Theater entrance across from the Art Gallery.

For outdoor concerts only, an additional Box Office is open 4pm - 9pm on concert days at the Upper entrance gate to the Amphitheater. This Box Office can be accessed via the Portage Rd entrance.




All children regardless of age must present a valid ticket to enter the Amphitheater/Mainstage Theater area.



Group rates/Discounts are available for the following Mainstage Theater Shows: 

  • Mary Poppins
  • The Kingston Trio
  • Glenn Miller Orchestra




There are no refunds. Exchanges can be made for Mary Poppins only by calling the Artpark Box Office at 716-754-4375.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Tickets

Ticket barcodes can be deactivated and reissued in case they are lost, stolen or damaged.  Please contact the Box Office at (716) 754-4375 for more information on this process.




Parking Rates - Outdoor Tuesday & Wednesday Concert Events

      Passenger Vehicle      $5.00
      Motorcycle                   $3.00
      Limousines                  $18.00
      Buses                          $35.00

Parking Rates - Mainstage Theater Events

      Passenger Vehicle      $10.00

      Motorcycle                   $5.00
      Limousines                  $18.00
      Buses                          $35.00


Parking Lots


There are four parking lots on location at Artpark. Lots A & B are located at the end of Portage Road and Lots C & D are located at the end of South Fourth Street. There is restricted parking along Village streets, please park according to posted signage.  All of parking Lot C and a portion of Parking Lot D are reserved for Sponsors and VIPs for Tuesday in the Park and Coors Light Wednesday concerts.


Bus/Limousine Parking


Designated parking is available to Busses and Limousines, see parking attendant for availability.




There is no tailgating allowed in the parking lots.Violators will be ticketed and removed from the property. Picnics are permitted
in designated areas (picnic tables and shelters).


Special Needs Parking/Transportation


Special Needs Parking

Artpark's Portage Road Lots and South 4th Street Lots both feature designated parking spaces for handicapped patrons.  Although there are designated handicapped parking spaces in both the Upper and Lower Lots, it is recommended that handicapped Amphitheater patrons use the Portage Road entrance. There are many parking spaces available in the Portage Road Lots and they are closest to the handicapped accessible deck or shuttle service for Amphitheater events. 


For Main Stage shows the 4th street entrance is recommended for handicapped patrons, with parking available in Lots C & D.


Special Needs Transportation

During Amphitheater concerts only, after 4:30pm, there is a complimentary shuttle for handicapped patrons. The shuttle runs from the
Upper Command Center down to the amphitheater concert area. Please note that these are the only stops for the shuttle. Patrons interested in using the shuttle service should inquire at the Upper Box office/State Parks Police Command Center.

The shuttle service is not available for Mainstage Theater shows.


Special Needs Seating

Artpark has a deck located just inside the ticket gates at our Portage Road entrance for Amphitheater events and accessible seating located in select areas of the Mainstage Theater.






Artpark's Outdoor Amphitheater opens to the public at 4:30pm on event nights. It can be accessed via the Upper Park's Portage Road
entrance off of Center Street or through South Fourth Street nearest the Mainstage Theater.


Re-entry Policy


Once you have entered the gated area of the venue, no re-entry is allowed.


Chairs Policy


Only one chair per person may be carried into the venue. Chairs must be removed from their bags at security checkpoints


Bag Policy


No backpacks, duffle bags, large purses/bags are allowed. Purses/bags larger than 12" x 6" x 12" are permitted in the Venue. Artpark will not be liable for any items left at the security gate.


Security Inspections

All persons and their belongings are subject to inspection upon entering the venue and at anytime on the property.

Front of Stage Tickets

Ticket holders must present valid dated ticket to enter the gated Front of Stage area and obtain a wristband that must be worn for the duration of the show. Entrances are located on either side of the gated area.




Police/First Aid/Security

Amphitheater- Police, First Aid, and Security can be contacted at the Command Center near the Upper amphitheater gates or by
calling (716) 754-2619. For assistance please address any uniformed staff member.


Mainstage- Police/First Aid/Security can be contacted by inquiring at the Main Concession Stand on the terrace.


Lost and Found


Inquiries for lost and found items can be made at the Amphitheater Command Post during outdoor shows or with the Operations Department.


Inquiries after the show can be made with David in the Operations office at (716) 754-9000 x118.




There are 2 designated areas set aside for non-smokers. One in the Amphitheater bowl on the river side and one on the Amphitheater
hill, closest to the video screen on the red brick road.




Any persons without vending permits issued by Artpark are prohibited from soliciting contributions or distributing literature on Artpark property.


Credit Card Policy


The Amphitheater beverage areas accept major credit cards, as do most of the food vendors.




An ATM Machine is located at next to the merchandise tent for all Amphitheater concerts.

There is no ATM on site for Mainstage Theater Events.




Amphitheater-Full service restrooms are located in the green trailer along the brick road and the south side of the Command Center. There are several locations offering portalets and outdoor sinks around the park.


Mainstage- Full service restrooms are located on the lower terrace level. Entrances are located across from the main concession stand or aisle 3 tunnel.



In the event of an emergency, all uniformed staff will be utilized to direct patrons to a safe area.

Please obey park signage and instructions by uniformed staff.




Amphitheater- Vendors offer a variety of food and beverage options at concessions stands located throughout the venue. Main
concessions are provided by Hard Rock CafĂ©.  Food offerings include pizza, hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs and desserts. Beer and wine are normally sold at all events. Valid photo ID required to be served.

Mainstage- Vendors offers a variety of food and beverage options at concessions stands located throughout the venue for most performances. Beer and wine are normally sold at all events Valid photo ID required to be served

No more than two (2) alcoholic beverages may be purchased at one time at all concession stands. Guests possessing alcohol, who do not have acceptable proof of age may be subject to arrest and ejection. 

Last Call will be called 30 minutes before the end of the show, but no later than 9:15pm on weekdays and 10:15pm on Weekends.




Amphitheater-The merchandise tent is located in front of the green restrooms in Amphitheater. Artpark licensed Merchandise as
well as Band Merchandise will be sold from the opening of the gates until the conclusion of the event.


Mainstage- Merchandise is sold only at select events. Inquire with Uniformed staff on the day of show.

Backstage Passes


Backstage Passes are only issued by the bands.  Backstage passes are neither for sale nor issued by Artpark.


Weather Statements


Rain or Shine

All amphitheater shows will go on rain or shine. No refunds (if applicable) will be given in the event of rain.


Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, Artpark staff in conjunction with New York State Park Police and Security personnel will instruct you to a safe location (Mainstage Theater or your car).  If/when it is safe to re-enter the venue the security personnel will re-screen all patrons at security checkpoint.



For all other inquiries, please contact the Artpark Box Office at 716-754-4375