Artpark & Company, Inc.



Artpark & Company produces and presents excellence in the performing and visual arts, and creates unique cultural experiences in a casual, natural setting. Artistic talent is nurtured and allowed to flourish in an atmosphere that is entertaining, educational and interactive for Artpark visitors.




In 1997, Artpark & Company, Inc. entered into a three-year licensing agreement with the State of New York to manage the programming of the Park. This agreement has now been extended through 2017. Prior to this historic pact, Artpark was under the direction of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Ownership of the property and facilities remains with New York State, which continues to maintain the buildings and the grounds.


Board of Directors

The Artpark & Company Board of Directors is a volunteer assemblage comprised of community leaders, tourism officials and other esteemed Western New York businesspeople. These individuals are imperative in Artpark's planning process, budget development, sponsorship obtainment and event organization.


Dena Armstrong



Michael Giaquinto

Vice Chair

Alison Lytle

Vice Chair


Mary Jo Farrell


Vincent Agnello




Ruthanne Armstrong

Joanne Bauer

Thomas Bontempo

Christopher H. Brown

Jason Brydges

John Camp

Joseph Certo

Paulette M. Crooke

Michael J. Dowd, Esq.    

Dan Forsyth

J. Michael Kelleher 

Christopher Lee

Laurie Lisowski-Frey

Gary Marchiori 

Skip Mazenauer

Dan Montante  

Paul D. Reid

Chris Sebastian

Duncan Smith

Sophia Smith

Mark W. Thomas

Michael Todaro

Steve Turner

Michael L. Vitch

Wayne  D. Wisbaum, Esq.



Steve Broderick

Thomas E. Brydges, Esq.   

Daniel E. Cantara III

John D. Ceretto

Terry Collesano

Francine DelMonte

Thomas J. Fatta

Brian Geary  

Michele O. Heffernan, Esq. 

Pamela Jacobs-Vogt

Seymour Knox IV

Hon. Robert G. Ortt

Richard Soluri

Lorie L. Washuta

Rebecca Wydysh



Frederick G. Attea 

Earl W. Brydges, Jr., Esq.

Rose Gellman

Ruth Sass